Klevgrand Speldosa

Klevgrand Speldosa, Virtual Music Box (Download), Made in close co operation with the Swedish artist Wintergatan Martin Molin, Provides four different music box sounds: Modern a clean, clear sound, Vintage Antique each as muted versions slight pitch fluctuations Eternal a backwards Two room simulations sizes, Algorithmic reverb a long tail for a spherical Simple user interface imaginative visualisation of played


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Waves Clarity Vx DeReverb

Waves Clarity Vx DeReverb, Audio Restoration Plug In (download), Simple room and reverberation suppression for voice recordings, dialogue etc., Ideal reducing sound in without affecting the quality of material, For musicians, producers, mixing engineers, content creators, Based on Neural Networks technology, tuned speech vocals in different sizes, Fast results through simple operation one control, Real time workflow fully automatable


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Waves Ultimate 1 Month Subscription

Waves Ultimate 1 Month Subscription, Monthly (download), Plug in bundle subscription, 1 access without automatic renewal to the effects package for production, mixing and mastering as well as live applications all current plug ins, All are added regularly, Always provides latest version, Includes to AI based StudioVerse community thousands of individually available chains, Created by experienced producers sound engineers, Contains probably most comprehensive


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PSP Audioware stereoController2

PSP Audioware stereoController2, Stereo Correction Plugin (Download), Tool for the evaluation, readjustment and correction of recordings, Allows slight time corrections between channels, Widen or narrow image, Panorama of central instruments, Virtually emulate an instrument’s location in soundfield via combined level delay panning, Reversal of polarity, Decoding of M S signals to L R stereo, Reduce width of frequencies, or making them mono, proper


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IZotope Ozone 11 Advanced

iZotope Ozone 11 Advanced, Metering Plugin Bundle (Download), Comprehensive mastering suite with a wide range of editing options, Master Assistant AI supported matching technology for sound, dynamics and stereo width as well as Vocal Checker vocals in the mix, Configures chain by it to a reference from Ozone's presets of chart hits, an audio file loaded as or Audiolens generated user targets, View allows precise adjustment of portion, while Detail


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GForce Axxess

"GForce Axxess, Virtual Synthesizer (Download), Advanced yet authentic emulation based on a classic analogue synthesizer from 1976, Versatile and flexible for almost every modern style, Detune vintage controls individual adjustment of ""analogue"" character, Various trigger modes: polyphonic, monophonic, legato unison, Oscillator with mixable pulse sawtooth waveforms as well as sub oscillator noise generator, X modifiers enable modulation of all


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Waves Magma Springs

Waves Magma Springs, Reverb Plugin (download), Reproduction of seven popular spring reverb units, Timeless sound for various genres such as classic indie, surf, Motown, dub, rock & roll, country and many others, Drive control with magma tube simulation adjustable pre delay feedback, Switchable mono or stereo operation, Additional treble, bass, mix output level


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Sound Particles SkyDust 3D

Sound Particles SkyDust 3D, Virtual Synthesizer (Download), Innovative, comprehensive 3D synthesiser for spatial sound generation with 8 oscillators, 256 voice polyphony, stereo FM matrix, countless modulation options, arpeggiator and polyphonic sequencer, clever preset system much more., Each has numerous basic waveforms various modifiers, five up to six stage envelopes LFOs pitch, filter, control, volume its multimode adjustable key tracking, velocity,


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Bitwig Studio Producer Upgrade Plan

Bitwig Studio Producer Upgrade Plan, (Download)@ *Upgrade version requires a registered licence 5 or newer*, 12 Months of updates for 5 or


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Waves Essential Annual Subscription

Waves Essential Annual Subscription, (Download), PlugIn Bundle 12 Months non renewable access to the effects package for production, mixing and mastering, but also live applications, A total of 110 plug ins, Selected are added regularly, Always offers latest version of included plugins, Includes to AI powered StudioVerse community with thousands of freely available chains, Created by experienced producers sound engineers, many popular vocal editing


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